The Holy Table, the Sigil of Ameth and the Ensigns of Creation.

These sigils and tables are elements of the ceremonial systems known as Enochian Magic, derived from the work of scholar Dr. John Dee and seer Edward Kelley. Kelley and Dee claimed to collaboratively summon and observe archangels of God through a scrying stone on a prepared table. Through this method, Kelley and Dee were given the Holy Table (the Table of Covenant) and instructed to utilize the Sigil of Ameth (Sigillum Dei) with the scrying-stone. The angels then presented the seven Ensigns of Creation, complex talismants to be engraved on purified tin and arranged on the Holy Table to be used as a means of establishing “conciliation between the magician and the Heptarchic powers”.

More information on the history and use of these sigils can be found in the Enochian Magick Reference by Benjamin Rowe at the Hermetic Library website.


Foretold! The palm of a hand is a map of life and the energies we all possess.

Palmistry Art - Palm Reading Hand Centerpiece by Crankbunny / Norma V. Toraya, 2014. Available for purchase at the Crankbunny Shop

Palmistry is the sacred art of foretelling the future by the lines, marks, fingers, nails, size and shape of the hand. Used for hundreds of years - palm readings or chiromancy are based on astrology, planets, forces of nature and classic elements.

Can be also used as a display for tarot cards, jewelry, magical talismans and other doodads. Hand-cut Paper object with wood for support.

*This palmistry hand is illustrated and not made from metal. Many Crankbunny objects use trompe l’oeil - an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that depicted objects exist in three dimensions.

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I’m in league with satan I was raised in hell 

I walk the streets of Salem 

Amongst the living dead 

I need no one to tell me 

What’s wrong or right 

I drink the blood of children 

Stalk my prey at night 

Look out beware 

When the full moon’s high n’bright 

In every way I’m there 

In every shadow in the night

Cause I’m evil in league with satan

Evil in league with satan

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